Thursday, June 21, 2007

suprising demographics

Largest expatriate groups: The largest group comprises other Europeans, Albanian, Romanian, Ukrainian and Polish. Followed by North African Arab groups, mainly from Morocco and Tunisia. Smaller groups include south Americans, Asians and sub-Saharan Africans. The top five foreign groups in number rank are Albanian(316,659) Moroccan(294,945), Romanian(248,849), Chinese(111,712)and Ukrainian(93,441)
State religion: The Catholic Church has never been the State religion, however, it plays an important role in governmental and political affairs due to the holy see being in Rome the capital city.
Most followed religion: Catholicism, in a recent poll 87.8% said they were Catholics although only one third (36.6) professed to being active members.
Other Christian groups are Jehovah’s witnesses 0,9%, Eastern orthodox’s 1,2% including 470,00 newcomers, and 180 Greek orthodox. Then 450,000 Pentecostals and evangelicals 0,3% of which 300,000 are members of the Assemblies of God, 30,000 Waldensians, 25,000 Seventh day Adventists, 22,000 mormons, 15,000 Baptists, and 5,000 free Baptists, 7,000 Lutherans, 5,000 Methodists, affiliated to the Waldensian church. There is also a Jewish community of 45,000.
Other religions that have a large following in Italy are the Muslim faith of whom 840,000 or 1.4% of the population, live in Italy. (Of these a scant 50,000 have citizenship).


Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Very pretty blog! Very useful entries!

The pictures are breath taking!

But no more posts?????? That's sad! Hope to read more entries from you :)

Expat in Italy said...

At present the author of this blog is writing a culture guide to Italy so the normally monthly posts are more irregular but will continue. Thankyou everyone for your comments.

Como the beautiful

Como the beautiful
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Hidden Italy, the places we visit regularly from Tuscany to the lake district above Como.

When I became a resident in Italy in 2001, I already knew how visitors liked to praise her places, food and art.
I had visited many times as a visitor myself, and been enchanted.
This site is rather designed to show the hidden Italy, the real Italy experienced by it's residents.
The events of the year, from registering as a resident, to celebrating Christmas, Easter and many other festivals, buying a house, working, banking, and still enjoying its beauty, are to be found here.

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