Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A tourist again in Como

I am enormously indebted to my Italian family and friends for releasing the real Italy to me to examine, dissect, accept and finally call my own. I feel immensely privileged to have gone backstage in Italian life. I make no apologies for the romanticism of some posts, and acerbic observations in others, for as Henry James said; “Italy is mostly an emotion”, and this blog has both kinds.
I recently started being a tourist in my own town again and the province of Como is not a bad place to do that in , blessed as it is with such beauty and wonderful little villages that dot the shore line on a 70km glacial lake that's blue and clean to swim in. Well, I swim in it, some are too scared of lake monster.
Recently we had a romantic weekend up near Tremezzo where at the Tremezzo grand hotel life seems to have stopped in the 19th century and they serve G and Ts, Testarossas and other wonderful cocktails and food on a terrace that overlooks the entire ampitheatre of mountains and lake. It's five star bliss in the proper imperial way. Nearby is Villa Carlotta, and villa Balbianello at Lenno where James Bond and other movies have been made. We shared the hotel with all the guests and sponsors coming to the F1 grand prix at Monza.
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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow I would come and me a tourist again in Lake Como...wonderful place.

Emily said...

It's one of the most beautiful and evocative places in the world.
My matriarchal mother-in-law Margherita and her brother Felice were sent to Moltrasio during the war, to escape the bombing in Milan.Their grandfather would ride his bicycle to a piazza in Milan once a week to cut sweet grass for their livestock, and haul it strapped to his back all the way back to Moltrasio...
The nooks and crannys, the almost melancholic, dark dampness always intrigues me.
I Promessi Sposi...

Italy expat said...

great writing and story Emily, perhaps you want to do a guestpost on here?
Lake Como is amazing I agree

Como the beautiful

Como the beautiful
walk near the lake

Hidden Italy, the places we visit regularly from Tuscany to the lake district above Como.

When I became a resident in Italy in 2001, I already knew how visitors liked to praise her places, food and art.
I had visited many times as a visitor myself, and been enchanted.
This site is rather designed to show the hidden Italy, the real Italy experienced by it's residents.
The events of the year, from registering as a resident, to celebrating Christmas, Easter and many other festivals, buying a house, working, banking, and still enjoying its beauty, are to be found here.

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