Friday, May 30, 2008

Why Italy?

People often ask me, as a foreigner, why I came to Italy. So now Im asking you the same question. Those of you who subscribe to, or read this blog sometimes, will have noticed we have a poll up. The poll asks this question: "What brought you to Italy?"
The reasons people come are often very different, as are the reasons they stay on in Italy.
So what is your reason for coming to Italy?
1. I visited on holiday and fell in love with an Italian and stayed.

2. I followed my partner.

3. I came to find my family roots.

4. I just loved Italy ( although I'm realistic about the problems) I'm an Italophile.

5. I just landed here by chance with no grand plan and I don't feel strongly about Italy.

6. I came for the adventure and have left now.

I am a 4. Which one are you?


AmyEmilia said...

Unfortunately, I don't live in Italy... although I got as close as I could by marrying an Italian. I would love to live there, but my Italian insists that he prefers America - in Italy "he wouldn't be different". So I do the next best thing - read Italian expat blogs, Italian newspapers, watch RAI on cable, and visit as often as I can persuade him to go.

emily said...

What about those of us who came for work? Believe it or not, it does happen...

Italy expat said...

It does? we now have a no 7 for you to tick. Thanks for your comment.

Italy expat said...

You watch Rai? Amy you must be desperate! visit soon and I'll take you on a photo trip. OK Donna

Como the beautiful

Como the beautiful
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When I became a resident in Italy in 2001, I already knew how visitors liked to praise her places, food and art.
I had visited many times as a visitor myself, and been enchanted.
This site is rather designed to show the hidden Italy, the real Italy experienced by it's residents.
The events of the year, from registering as a resident, to celebrating Christmas, Easter and many other festivals, buying a house, working, banking, and still enjoying its beauty, are to be found here.

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My favourite writings on Italy

  • Italian Education/Cara Massimina Tim Parks
  • Where angles fear to tread E.M. Forster ISBN0140180885
  • A small place in Italy ISBN0330338188
  • D.H.Lawrence and Italy ISBN 0140095209
  • The Italians by Luigi Barzini Touchstone books ISBN 068482500