Monday, June 09, 2008

Euro 2008

Well the world cup champions play tonight in Bern Switzerland a city I loved when I visited. I watched the traditional Swiss dances on the BBC today. The Italian team seemed quite chipper and confident of winning as they watched the festivities in Bern, despite the injury of Cannavarro the Azzuri knight invincible.
I heard Fabio Capello ( the English coach) saying today that Italy hasn't won the Euro cup for forty years. The last time was in Rome. They face a strong opponent which should make for an interesting game. Donadoni was called by Berlusconi, and what would Italian football be without Berlusconi? Donadoni says the Italian team won't appreciate any critics, and the press should not expect them to emulate Brad Pitt.
Go Azzuri!

(ANSA) - BERNA, 9 GIU - Donadoni pensa alla sua Italia non a piacere alla critica: 'Non posso essere l'Alain Delon o il Brad Pitt di oggi, ho altre ambizioni'. Il ct, a poche ore dall'esordio dell'Italia all'Europeo e' tornato sul sondaggio che lo vede solo ottavo fra i ct piu' amati (in testa Lippi). 'Mourinho ha conquistato l'Italia con un 'pirla'? Purtroppo - ha poi spiegato a Rai Sport - non conosco il portoghese. Qualche allenatore e' piu' comunicativo, altri sono fatti in maniera diversa'.


Anonymous said...

It is weird to have Del Piero not playing after the amazing championship he has played so far. But often Italy discovered it's best player after the first match. We well see tonight.
Forza azzurri!

Anonymous said...

The future's bright...the future's orange hahahah!
Hi Donna...Blog's as cool as ever!


Emily said...

So sorry for our azzurris!!!!
Most friends said they simply didn't
play well- except Buffon who 'mangiata' three goals.Next time.
As Kev the Man says, the blog is super as ever...
Keep 'em coming!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Italy! I knew it: no Del Piero, no party!

Italy expat said...

Nick I saw Del Piero on the field. Italy team must not try to pull the rabbit out of the hat at the last minute by bringing on a magician. It's a team game if you know what I mean!
Better luck next time!

Anonymous said...

Donna: You commented on my "50 things to do a 50" contest and you won! Please send me your email address.

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