Thursday, June 12, 2008

Roses Lime juice

Of all the things I miss after 8 years, and can't find a substitute for this has to be top of the list.
Roses Lime juice cordial
tangy, lip-smacking good. Nothing like it, but I can't buy it. A terrible state of affairs, especially as summer comes knocking. I always ask at bars, and they look at you as if you have no idea. In Italy have never found it, they have a syrup drink called cedro. It is a sweet syrup laced with chemicals, gastly! Recently in Brientz Switzerland I saw two small bottles of Roses lime juice on the shelf, next to the wines. I snatched them up and also two bottles of Roses cranberry cordial. They were the last.
Roses is available around the world so why not here? I got an agents number, he just grunted at me. For gimlets, vodka lime and soda, margeritas and so many other cocktails, what are you supposed to do barmen?
Anyone have inside info?? Im prepared to offer a reward ( still undisclosed at the moment)

Rose's Lime is a world wide success. Countless classic drinks have been created with Rose's Lime. Use it in drinks, beer, white wine or mix it with cold water or soda for a refreshing non alcoholic thirst quencher.
4 cl Gin / 4 cl Rose's Lime
Grand Margarita
1 cl Grand Marnier / 2 cl Tequila ...
Latin Lover
4 cl Tequila / 2 cl Grand Marnier ...
The perfect Margarita
3 cl Rose's Lime / 2 cl Tequila / ...
White Beast
8 cl Vodka / 2 cl Triple Sec / 4 c...

Today Rose’s Lime is known the world over for its fresh taste, the high quality and the countless ways it can be used. It is sold in more than 130 countries and is a fixture in many bars, caf├ęs, hotels and restaurants.

Today – 2007

Since 1956 Hans Just A/S in Denmark has been distributor of Rose’s Cordial Mixer. In 1993 a Scandinavian production was established and from 1997 Hans Just A/S was appointed to produce, sell and market Rose’s Cordial Mixer on a number of European markets. Hans Just A/S and Schweppes International Limited have in cooperation developed Rose’s Cordial Mixer so that the assortment today consists of the well-known Lime but also Lemon, Apricot, Grenadine, Blackcurrant, Blue Curacao and Cranberry. All variations are of extremely high quality and are today an integrated assortment in many bars, cafes, hotels and other pouring out places on the European continent.
What do you miss most as an expat? write a coment and tell us.


AmyEmilia said...

I don't think I've ever tasted Rose's Lime! Must put it on the list...

Since I'm not an expat, there isn't much I'm missing from home. But in terms of things I'm missing from Italy? How about - real gianduja, Galeffi, lemon gelato, 2 millenia of history layered and visible on almost every street... Houston really can't compete with that.

Italy expat said...

Go to a bar imeadiately and ask them to make a margarita and ask if they have it. Its been around since it was invented in 1860 in england to stop scurvy on the ships. Its so refeshing on a hot day with water/soda and ice.use it sparingly I inch to a tall glass its strong!

Anonymous said...

I miss driving on roads that are NOT full off potholes!

What did they make Milan's roads out of....sugerpuffs?

Of course the Motoreways are good...well they should be, we pay through the teeth for them.

I also miss Ribena, mighty white, sausages, fish and bloody chips, pies, tesco value gravy, sausage rolls, pork pies, toad in the hole, yorkshire puddings, cadbury fact lots of chocolate, friendly public officials, not having mad drivers tailgating me with flashing headlights on the motorway, real beer, real pubs, pizza hut, kfc, 24 hour shopping and of course Roses Lime....In fact, I'd bugger off tommorow if it wasn't for the fact that I'm on a mission to claim this land for the Empire hahhahah!

What I don't miss...
Crap and expensive wine, expensive public transport, chavs, hoodies, boilers and political corectness.

Doona, see you very soon for some wine tasting!

Rock on!


Cherrye - My Bella Vita said...

I have NEVER heard of Rose Lime (Must be a TX thang, see Amyemilia above). I will ask for it when I go back to the states, though.

I miss ...
- lunches out with friends
- after work drinks
- Barnes and Noble and oversized, overpriced coffee
- Confidently speaking to anyone


Emily said...

Great question, loved Kev's comments!
What do I miss? Pleasant salespeople, polite immigrants,Mexican food,sushi, country music and interesting conversation.I miss non-conformists and funky dressers, individuality and blatant creativity, blind patriotism, respect for communal property and drug stores.
I should also mention what I love about Italy, but I will leave that for your next article.
Having been a bartender in NyC, I also miss Rose's lime and Midori, which, as you pointed out, are essential components for tasty summer drinks....Cheers!!!

Italy expat said...

Rose Lime is a british company thats been around since 1860 and is still going strong. It's sold in 160 countries around the world and never changed the original recipe.
enjoy yr Texas break.

Under an Olive Tree said...

I live in Italy but am in NY for vacation. Will have to bring back a few bottles with me!

What do I miss when I'm in Italy? Efficiency, understanding everything, Mexican food, wide streets with green arrows for making a left-hand turn, going to the movies to see something that just came out (and understanding it without thinking so much), a job that paid a salary that did wonders for my ego... Of course, I love things about Italy, which I miss when I'm in the States!

Kev Cruz said...

Oh yeah.. I almost forgot:

I miss being able to understand my bank statements....


Italy expat said...

Yeah me too! and also to expect any kind of service or reasonable charges from them.

Anonymous said...

Try Rose's Lime with cold white wine and some ice in a hot day!

Anonymous said...

Finally summer is striking Italy! It's time for one of the great Italian white wines I love: cold moscato d'Asti!

Anonymous said...

great blog I so enjoy reading it

Anonymous said...

I miss the smell of garlic, everything old, small shops, the music, the scenery, the language and the passion of Italy.
America is so different..

Thanks for this great blog!!

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